Top 4 Reasons – Why Your Online Course Selling Business Isn’t Working Right Now?

Despite a killer course topic, there are a couple of obstructions that can consistently impede your growth in the course selling journey. Especially if you are a new Course Creator, figuring out what’s not working out for you might be difficult too.

Here are the 4 reasons that might be hindering your growth. 

1) You are bogged down in tools and technology

This is more common than you might think. Having a perfect course platform just makes the whole process so much smoother. If you own a basic course website where you are trying to upgrade, this might be blocking your mind and deviating your focus from important aspects. You must pick a platform that aligns with your goals and business needs. Take a break & do your part of the research. However, If you want a short-cut to picking the right platform, my advice is: Spayee (Create and sell online courses Launch your own Teaching Website). It’s the best course platform out there which creates your branded web & app based course platform within minutes. You can create various forms of content, including Live Classes. Not just that, there are in-built marketing tools as well.

2) You don’t have a brand

You acknowledge it or not, it’s a crowded space. There are many course creators who are operating in every segment. Every other person wants to teach an Online Course. Not just that, many educators are giving away the content at commodity prices on course marketplace like Udemy. Hence, it becomes absolutely necessary to stand out among your competition. Even if you offer a valuable content, it won’t matter if nobody knows who you are. You need to have a brand that people can trust.  Your Online Institute or Courses should be seen as an expert in your domain. Obviously, brand building doesn’t happen overnight. But, it’s worth all the effort. In the long run people will recognize you & would trust you with the content you sell out to them.

3) You haven’t developed an audience

This point is in sync with the last one. When it comes to being an edupreneur, you need a fan base of a few people who will buy just about anything you produce. These people know your worth. This base will expand over time. But, you need at least a few of them to begin with. If you started with absolutely zero audience, this might be one of the biggest reasons for your slow growth.
Obviously, building that kind of audience isn’t a cakewalk but you need to have a set goal right from the beginning.

4) Your content needs a reality check 

This one probably looks quite obvious. But, sometimes we don’t adhere to the basics. Make sure your content is material NOW. Even if it is, go through it yourself and try figuring out what might be lacking. Share it with a set of people and ask for their honest feedback. You content might be great but their delivery might need improvement. You need to make sure your content stays prevalent & effective. Afterall, content is the king.

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