3 Ways to make your commercial washroom smell better

Foul & Unpleasant Odour at the Washroom Can Impact Your Reputation

Its’ not so difficult to recall the memories of home cooking in our childhoods, the smell of earth upon the first rains, the scent of the Vada Pav in the College canteen.  Scents have a very unique place in the human psyche.  Our earliest memories, Our Best Memories as much as our Worst memories are connected with scents.

For the Company Management – this holds a very important message for Business – Not only your Clients, Your Guests, Your Vendors but also your Employees are psychologically connected to the smell of your office – Make it everlasting.  It has been observed in numerous studies that smell & scent of a place plays a major role in forming opinions of the employees & visitors alike for an organisation, & their decisions in relation to the organisation will be greatly impacted by it, &  Considering how a scent can influence our experiences and ability to form memories, No Management cannot ignore the prominent role that the sense of smell plays in our daily lives.

Foul Smell is directly corelated to the unseen lack in hygiene levels – Your Office & Your Washrooms might be physically clean – but foul smell will immediately give away the lack in hygiene standards.  Washrooms have one of the strongest impacts on perception and a poorly cleaned washroom is sure to stick out in someone’s mind even if your facility is otherwise in good shape. It does not matter what kind of facility you manage- washroom smell is always something you should be conscious of.

Scenting of Washroom has evolved over a period of time, & use of traditionally used time mist air fresheners have been found to be useless & a waste of money.  Hygienetech India Pvt. Ltd. is a Mumbai based organization which approaches the needs in a systematic & Scientific manner & offers services distinctly different for Odour Mitigation as well as Scenting.

3 Ways to make your commercial washroom smell better-

  • Air It Out- Ensure sufficient ventilation 
  • Clean It Up- Regularly clean washroom area to prevent odours.
  • Add a Scent- Install a professional and durable air freshener that dispenses   good fragrance to mask the odour and make the place inviting.
Hygienetech India provides Services for Odour Mitigation at an Office Premise, & also For Scenting.  While the Odour Mitigation services includes surveys to identify the cause of the odour – most often than not – our simple pointers helps the organisations eliminate the cause of the odour formation, & hence the odours.  When it is not possible to prevent the formation of odour – We provide services to address the issue at hand by appropriate products chosen from our current range of over 7 different products for Odour Mitigation.

For us at Hygienetech India – Scenting is a completely different beast – We tame this by conducting a thorough study & survey of the area & the need of our client – Because no two areas are the same.  Based upon requirements – Not only do we suggest the Type of Fragrance dissipation, but also the Placement & The Fragrance.  Hygienetech India offers fragrances based on Aroma Oils & Synthetic Sprays with Machines to cover areas ranging from 500 sq.ft – 100000 sq.ft.

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