MBBS in Philippines - A Popular Belief amongst Indian Parents and Students

MBBS Course in Philippines

The Philippines is the founding member of various global organizations such as the United Nations, the World Trade Organization and is the 12th most populous country in the world. There is a popular belief amongst Indian parents and students that pursuing a medical degree from abroad would cost them a lot and would also not be recognized in India so there is no point completing a medical course from anywhere other than any Indian medical school.

This belief of them is not at all true if we compare the overall cost of pursuing MBBS education from an Indian private medical school and medical schools of many other countries, there is a high possibility that the total cost of pursuing MBBS from abroad would be much lower than their Indian counterparts. MBBS in Philippines is a popular choice for all the medical aspirants as the country is an English speaking country and it's not a compulsion for the student to study any other language while pursuing an MBBS course in Philippines.

Philippines MBBS Fees for Indian Students

The medical education system of the country is top-notch and the fee of the medical colleges is very much affordable to the Indian students in comparison to the fees of the private medical colleges of India. Whenever there is a question of pursuing an MBBS degree abroad comes in the mind of an Indian medical aspirant, they look for the best options to get a globally recognized degree with a very economical fee structure.

When looking for a medical course from Philippines MBBS fees for Indian students are very much affordable and also give them a tag of a medical degree from abroad.
The Philippines gives a variety of options to the students to choose between several medical colleges. The medical colleges of the country are approved by global bodies such as the World Health Organization and Medical Council of India, and because of that, the Indian students are free to practice their medical degree in India after clearing the MCI screening test.

Students from many countries come to the Philippines to study their medical degree as the degree is globally recognized and the quality of medical education of the country is very high and ranked amongst the best medical colleges of the world.

Study MBBS Abroad without NEET

The Indian students easily adjust to the climatic conditions of the Philippines as the temperature usually ranges from 23 degrees Celsius to 32 degrees Celsius which is similar to that of India. The medical colleges of the country encourage practical training in the course to give the students hands-on experience of real-life scenarios while dealing with patients. As the MCI has made it compulsory for all the Indian students to pass the NEET exam to get an admission in any medical college abroad, Indian students can't study MBBS abroad without NEET.

As the country is also known for its tourism, it is very easy to find Indian restaurants in the Philippines. Also, at the time of the internship, it is very easy for the students to communicate with the patients as the Philippines is majorly an English speaking country. The flight connectivity between India and the Philippines is also very easy as there are regular flights available between both countries.

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