Special Men Have a Special Day – March 14

It isn’t every day that we take time out of our lives to honor those who make us better people, but that’s exactly what March 14th is asking women to do for that special guy in their lives.

That’s because March 14 is National Guy’s Valentine’s Day, a special day of the year in which we take a step back and appreciate the men in our lives just like they do for us every single day - but especially on Valentine’s Day.

You might be thinking to yourself that you haven’t heard of this before, and you’re not the only person.

We all know about Valentine’s Day.

Celebrations for it started way back in the 14th century and, though the traditions have changed over time, the basic gist remains the same.

One constant that many of us will recognize throughout our lives is that Valentine’s Day is a pretty big deal. It’s also a pretty big business.

In fact, there’s even a cultural cachet attached to Valentine’s Day in terms of expressing genuine feelings and romance. But there is a modern turning away from the idea that love can only be expressed with money and that’s why you see the current shift towards active appreciation and event-oriented celebrations. Even so, the traditional method is buying a gift.

Whether it is a man buying a gift for his wife or girlfriend, the emphasis is the same even if the feelings are different.

Though it is not explicitly geared towards women, let’s face it: Valentine’s Day is a holiday for appreciating that special lady in a man’s life in much of the Western world. If a guy gets any love, it’s considered a bonus because V-Day is all about the ladies.

That’s probably why you see so many ads geared towards men and reminding them of what they need to do on that special day.

But this isn’t the tradition everywhere.

In East Asia, for example, Valentine’s Day is actually reversed from the expectation in the West.

Women give men gifts and then men return the favor on White Day, which is held on March 14, and was created in 1978 to address the gap in Valentine’s Day gift giving. That’s why Valentine’s Day over there is mainly ladies giving gifts and recognition to men, while White Day is all about the opposite.

Even so, this concept sparked the idea that men in the west should have a holiday just like the ladies do.

The motivation behind this holiday became a tongue-in-cheek movement to set aside a day every year to do for men what Valentine’s Day does for women.

The whole thing was kicked off by a radio disc jockey in 2002 who coined a less-than-appropriate term to describe it.

Let’s just say this, if there was any doubt that the holiday was geared towards men, it was quickly dispelled with the proposed holiday name.

Given how it was initially proposed and conceived, combined with the fact that no one knew whether or not this sentiment was serious, the holiday somewhat languished before being revived in a more mainstream way in 2016 by a Louisiana company called LoveWorks®.

Needless to say, with a little bit of tweaking here and there, the original concept went from a humorous joke to a true family-friendly affair in which everyone can participate.

Thus, National Guy’s Valentine’s Day was born.

So, let’s get the ground rules straight for National Guy’s Valentine’s Day.

Sure, it’s about appreciating the special guy in our life, but it’s also a little bit about empowerment and taking charge.

How so?

Because the lady has to make the plans, buy the gifts, and do all of the expressions of love that are normally a man’s task during Valentine’s Day.

Like we mentioned above, this concept emerged from the Philippines which made a rule for their White Day that men could only give gifts to those women who had honored them on Valentine’s Day.

Taking charge of the planning and special events is not only a role reversal, but it’s also a bit of gender equality that we all need in our relationships.

Remember how he took you out to dinner and a movie?

Perhaps you could treat him to pizza and a video game - among other things.

The purpose of the holiday is to put your man up on a pedestal like he does for you on Valentine’s Day.

Pulling this off requires some planning and outside-of-the-box thinking. After all, what women find romantic and a “treat” isn’t necessarily what a guy is looking for in a special evening.

But another awesome aspect of National Guy’s Valentine’s Day is that it doesn’t have to be a romantic couple involved.

Since you know the man in your life better than anyone else, perhaps you could include his favorite people in the celebration. Think family, friends, favorite coworkers and mentors and you get the idea. You want him to feel special, important, heard, and recognized - and planning an event with everyone and everything that matters to him is one easy way to do this.

In our modern, fast-paced world, we rarely take time out to appreciate one another and express how much someone means to us.

And that’s really the point of Valentine’s Day and Guy’s Valentine’s Day. It is to make us stop and consider.

Consider what the other person has done for us, consider how much we value them, and consider the best way to express that. Creating memories and building a life together, whether in marriage or in dating, is about reciprocity and this extends to celebrating the holidays.

That’s why this March 14, 2020, we ask that you look back on how integral that special guy in your life is to who you are and then we ask you to look forward and start planning now to knock his socks off with a day he very much deserves in March. 

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