5 Things To Know Before Buying A Butterfly Nursing Pillow


There are a lot of gadgets and props that can make your breastfeeding experience a lot easier but some are just better than the rest.


Your entire spine and neck are going to be under tremendous stress while you are feeding your baby and this is going to last for months.


What may seem manageable now might soon turn into a prolonged health condition unless you do something to keep yourself comfortable.


If you are a new mother, there’s something for you in line. It is time you invest in a butterfly nursing pillow and here are 5 reasons why!


1. Had A C-Section? This Is A Blessing!


Not all mothers are not fortunate enough to have a regular delivery, and they might have resorted to a C-section surgery. A C-section can have prolonged effects that can last up to years.


Your entire abdomen becomes delicate and vulnerable. A butterfly nursing pillow can serve as a soft barricade between your baby and your abdomen.


It also reduces the risk of you developing a hernia and also prevents the sutures from breaking.


2. Protects Your Back, Neck & Shoulders


A butterfly breastfeeding pillow can save you from a huge deal of neck, body, and shoulder pains while you are feeding your baby.


In the first few months, you may have to feed your baby for up to 10 times a day with each section lasting hours. Supporting your baby for such long hours might damage your spine and joints to a significant extent.


A butterfly nursing pillow will keep you comfortable and rested by keeping your baby at the right height without much support.


3. Helps You Achieve Good Latching


A good latching is an absolute necessity when it comes to breastfeeding. Apart from helping your baby consume the right amount of milk every day, it also keeps the mother comfortable.


A butterfly nursing pillow will help you achieve a good latch without having to carry your baby on hand. The butterfly pillow brings your baby up to the right height and all you have to do is support.


4. Has A Multitude Of Other Applications


Unlike what most people may think, a butterfly nursing pillow is not just to help you while feeding your baby. You can use them in various situations to make the interaction with your baby more engaging.


In fact, you can use them to prop your baby up as they get older which was originally their intended purpose.


You can also use a butterfly nursing pillow during tummy times where you're resting your baby over the abdomen.


5. Not Just For The Breastfeeding Babies


There's no such rule that says a mother can only use a butterfly breastfeeding pillow with a breastfeeding baby. It can work just as good with bottle-fed babies.


As a matter of fact, carrying a bottle-fed baby is going to be more physically demanding. A butterfly nursing pillow is a good investment to ensure proper feeding posture.


Final Thoughts


A good feeding position is vital in order to prevent baby refluxes and postpartum back pains. It is surprising to know how one small investment can save you from a huge deal of pain.


A butterfly nursing pillow is also a wonderful gift that you can offer to any new mother and it is an absolute guarantee that they will end up loving it.


We know that you would only want the best for your baby and we cannot agree more. The Butterfly Pillow is specially engineered and designed to eliminate the postpartum pain and help you breastfeed comfortably.

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