Comparison between Postpaid and Prepaid Plans


The telecom industry in India has been going through a revolution in the past few years. The telecom services have been transforming based on the advancement of technology and the evolving demands of telecom customers. These two driving forces have changed many aspects of the traditional lines of business, mainly categorized between prepaid and postpaid connections. While traditionally prepaid has been offered to the more budget-conscious users as a flexible and affordable offering to the customers, it is slowly gaining popularity with the higher spending customers too. The postpaid services have on the other hand have been considered the more premiere of the two and many times got better services from the telecom companies; however, they are getting more affordable as many customers are moving to postpaid connections. Here are the major benefits that Prepaid and Postpaid connections offer to their customers.


Prepaid Mobile Connection – The prepaid connection is a simple and straightforward way of mobile usage. You pay for the services to get them activated for a particular validity period and start using it. There is no commitment for you to pay any bills or clear any dues after the pack expires. The main benefits of the prepaid plan are as below:

  • Stay within budget – One of the main reasons for customers choosing a prepaid connection is the limited or no financial liability at the end of the month. Since all of the services have already been paid in advance, you do not have to worry about paying any bills after.
  • Flexibility – The flexibility of prepaid connection is another strong reason for choosing prepaid. You can change your prepaid expenses practically every month with a different plan or pack.
  • Cheaper – Theoretically the prepaid plans start from a cheaper price point than the postpaid plans. Some of the customers prefer it for that reason since India is a price-sensitive market.


Postpaid Mobile Connection – The postpaid mobile connection is the one where you use the service for the month and at the end of the month generate a bill, effectively paying “post” the usage. The tariff is chosen already however if you exceed the usage allowed within your plan you may have to pay extra for the added use. There are several reasons why the postpaid plans these days are becoming more popular than the prepaid plans which are as below:

  • Generous usage limits – The modern postpaid plans come with unlimited calling and a generous number of texts. There is also a big data allowance which can additionally be rolled over to the next month if unused. This means that there are minimum chances of extra usage and it is in-fact better than prepaid plans for staying within a budget.
  • Easy management – Easy management including the facility to change your plan anytime makes it as good an option as a prepaid connection if not better. The Airtel postpaid customers can also use the Airtel Thanks App to keep a check on their account and bill pay in just a few clicks.
  • Value-oriented – The modern postpaid plans such as postpaid plans Airtel provide better value for money with subscriptions to OTT apps and other benefits. The add-on connections also make it easy for you to share your connection with family members providing better value for money.


These reasons make postpaid plans of Airtel better option to save money and enjoy the services uninterrupted. If you too want to port your connection to Airtel postpaid you can go to the “Port to Airtel Postpaid” option and follow the instruction on the Airtel website here.

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