MiM vs. MBA: Which one is better for your career?


MiM vs. MBA: Which one is better for your career?

Working in the management field in today’s modern corporate business field can not only earn you a handsome salary but also fame and reputation. Successful corporates these days have many door s of opportunity open for them even if they decide to change their field. Good reputation and hard work put in the management field will always pay off, not only in terms of reputation and promotion but also salary. The better of a team worker you are, the more would be your value in any given organisation. But to make this possible you need to have a sound knowledge and required skill sets to excel in the field. In order to achieve that, you can pursue one of the two most soughted after master’s business courses which are mim vs mba. Reputed for their solid foundation on management studies and development of important skill sets in the field, these courses can become the foot landing you always needed to boost your career in the corporate world.

Should you for this degree?

At a glance, you should know that MBA course is meant for working professionals or those types of professionals who already have 8+ years of field experience. It is not just a set notion but actually vital criterion in lots of business school for admission to the course that the applicants must have a set number of years of field experience. On the other hand, field experience is not important when applying for MiM. Many fresh graduates can also apply for this course to further their management studies.

How will the teaching approach differ?

As you might have guessed, the goals of both of these master courses are quite the opposite and different. On one hand, you get to learn a deeper insight of management studies and theories with MiM while on the other hand, with MBA, you will get to gain more hands-on experience rather than theoretical knowledge. MBA definitely focuses more on giving youthe added practical skills you would need for your job.

How long are these degrees?

In comparison to MBA, MiM is actually quite short. On an average, a typical MiM course would last for about ten moths which is quite sufficient given the goal of the course. As it focuses on only finishing your studies on management theories, it does not need years of curriculum. You can look at it more like a specialised diploma which would give a solid base in all areas of management studies. MBA, though, is longer with an average duration of two years. It is an extremely structured course with theoretical studies and practical training phases separated mostly.

With this you can get a clear understanding as to what these two courses can serve you. Both of these courses are amazing in their own means. Their benefits would depend on the type of purpose or need you have of them. Both of the course can help you greatly in your career.

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