Want to port your prepaid number? These FAQs can be helpful


Gone are the days when you had to be content with the offers, plans, or packs that were available with your telecom service provider and you did not have the option to switch to a different provider without changing your mobile number. These days, if you want to move to a different telecom provider for a new prepaid or postpaid plan while retaining your mobile number, it is very much possible. This is made possible with the Mobile Number Portability also known as MNP or simply Porting. There are many advantages to porting such as getting better offers or getting on a stronger network. Regarding porting and getting a new SIM card, you may have several questions on your mind which we can clarify below:


What is the process of porting my number?

If you want to port your number to a provider such as Airtel you can get the entire process done from the safety and comfort of your home. You can go to Airtel’s Website and go to the prepaid tab and choose “Port to Airtel Prepaid” from the dropdown. You will be directed to some prepaid plans and you can choose one according to your liking and you can later change the plan once the validity of this one gets over. Click on “Buy Now” and schedule your SIM delivery and home KYC pickup. You need to share your UPC or Unique Port-in Code, Valid address proof, and Identity Proof with the Airtel executive as part of KYC. Your port-in request will be processed and your number will be ported in around 48 hours. Porting to other circles can take up to 4 days.


How can I get my Unique Porting Code or UPC?

You can generate your Unique Porting Code by sending an SMS “PORT<Space>Your 10 digit mobile number” to 1900. The UPC will be delivered to you by 1901 through an SMS. This will be valid for 4 days.


Will my number be inactive for a long time during the porting process?

For a couple of hours post-midnight, your number will be inactive as the number is ported over to Airtel. Information about this will be sent to you beforehand through an SMS.


Do I need to pay a fee to port my number to Airtel?

Porting of the number does not require any money to be paid by you. It is free of charge.


Will my balance by carried forward to Airtel?

If you are switching to Airtel from a different telecom company, your balance can not be carried forward to Airtel. You have to consume it before porting to Airtel, otherwise, it will be lost.


Do I have to go somewhere to port my number?

All the steps of your porting including SIM delivery and KYC pickup can be carried out directly from your doorstep. That’s why you do not need to go anywhere and carry out the entire process from the comfort of your home.


By porting to Airtel you can enjoy one of the strongest mobile networks in India with some amazing tariff plans. If you too want to choose Airtel for porting your current number then you can get started by going to the Airtel Prepaid porting page here. https://www.airtel.in/prepaid-4g-sim/.

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