Why has Airtel Broadband become the most Popular Choice of ISP?


There are many Internet users in India, a country with one of the biggest populations in the world. This presents a big opportunity for Internet Service Providers or ISPs who are consistently vying for bigger market share and customer base. The top-spot is claimed by bigger players with impressive packages providing excellent value and plenty of benefits to their customers spread in all areas of the country. In the recent few years, Airtel Broadband has been a consistent contender for this prized top-position and there are several factors responsible for it. The rise of Airtel Broadband is no accident as there are some solid steps that the company has been taking to gain a better market share and customer base. Let us explore a few of these factors that have made Airtel Broadband one of the top ISPs in India.


  • Broadband plans – The Airtel Broadband plansare some of the most attractive broadband internet plans that you can find in the country. The Airtel broadband plans start from the very affordable price of INR 499 which is great for users looking for an economic way of staying connected through an internet connection. The plans range from the Unlimited plan which is priced INR 499 and gives 40 MBPS speed to the VIP plan with 1 GBPS speed at INR 3999, however, all plans come with unlimited data. You can even make easy Airtel broadband paymentsthrough the Airtel Thanks App, Airtel Payments Bank, or Airtel Website.


  • Customer service – The other factor that has contributed to the success of Airtel broadband is the top-notch customer service. They have carried out initiatives such as open network to get to know the concern of their customers and work on them. Airtel has also made its network extremely stable with very few breakdowns thanks to the usage of V-Fiber technology. Their network covers a lot of cities and areas and the customer service is very responsive, always available by calling the Airtel broadband customer care number.


  • Free Router – Whenever you take a new broadband connection, you have to find a router that is compatible with the connection. You do not have this worry with Airtel, as they provide a free high-speed compatible router with each broadband connection. The Router also has auto-troubleshooting so that, there is less chance of it malfunctioning.


  • Airtel Thanks App – With the Airtel Broadband connection, you also get access to the Airtel Thanks App. From this, you can unlock several rewards such as a subscription to OTT applications and other benefits under the Airtel Rewards. You can also use the Airtel Thanks App to manage all parts of your broadband connection and even make Airtel broadband bill paymentor change your pack through this app.


  • Rewards – You also get an Airtel Xstream DTH Box with a one-month subscription to the HD pack with a new Airtel Broadband connection as an additional reward. This can convert your TV into a Smart TV with the built-in Chromecast. You can then also access and stream OTT content to your TV directly. You also get additional rewards with your Airtel Broadband connection such as a phone line from where you can make unlimited Local and STD calls.


These are some of the reasons which have made Airtel Broadband one of the top ISPs in India. If you too want to benefit from these wonderful offerings, you can become an Airtel Broadband customer today by simply choosing your city and getting started here. https://www.airtel.in/broadband/

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